ICD 10 Code For Thyroid Nodule –

icd10 thyroid nodule

The ICD 10 code for thyroid nodule is a diagnosis code used to classify and track the occurrence of thyroid cancer. The ICD 10 code was developed by the World Health Organization and is based on the 1988 edition of the International Classification of Diseases. Thyroid nodules are an abnormal growth on the thyroid gland, … Read more

ICD 10 Code For Hypothyroidism – E03

ICD 10 Code For Hypothyroidism - E03

In the world of healthcare, ICD 10 (International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision) is a major update that took effect in 2015. With this new code came a number of changes for companies involved in healthcare, including physicians and hospitals. One of the most important changes for hospitals is the addition of a new code … Read more